Sushi Niwa

Sushi Niwa’, The only one of Omakase Japanese restaurant in Thailand. Under the concept of ‘Immersive Omakase Experience’, the premium Omakase Course which is worth more than a food. We also added a special style of Sushi Niwa that gives you an amazing feeling of ‘Interactive Multimedia’, the most advance for a new and unique experience more than ever before.

Sushi Niwa located in the heart of Bangkok in Soi Ruamrudee 2. The word of ‘Niwa’ comes from Japanese which stand for ‘Japanese Garden Style’. Our restaurant was designed under this concept and makes it more luxury and modern where there are senses of Japanese.




Every single meal, we kindly selected a best quality of raw materials that imported from Tsukiji market, Japan. Including the other premium raw materials also directly come from all over the world. Moreover, it was designed from our highly experienced chefs who have intense skills by Japanese Michelin Star in Japan restaurant, which lead everyone to get the best experience of traditional Japanese food.

Sushi Niwa is ready to welcome everyone to join us with a special meal and impressive experience. We sincerely hope that all of our customers will be happy with what we intend to offer.